Background and Philosophy

My work promotes local community and environmental vitality by fostering connections to the places we live.

I currently serve as the Director of Sales and Marketing at Vermont Tree Goods.  It is exciting to  work for a new local business with beautiful products and a strong environmental mission as its foundation!  Though my professional work has shifted away from children and gardens, I continue to pursue these passions at home and in my local community.



wateringI grew up in a small town in Vermont, allowing me to develop a deep appreciation of nature and vegetable gardening. While in college I started to work in schoolyard gardens with Groundwork Somerville. I left school for a semester to spend three months training farmers’ groups in small scale biointensive sustainable agriculture in Tanzania through Global Service Corps.


After graduating from Tufts University with degrees in Child Development and Community Health, I started full time as Gardens Coordinator for Groundwork Somerville, maintaining and coordinating programming in eight schoolyard gardens and serving as Groundwork Somerville’s Gardens Consultant.  In 2009, I joined the board of the Somerville Community Growing Center, which seeks to build local community by sustaining the park and garden space and coordinating ecological and multicultural educational programs and events.  In 2010, I joined an amazing community working to promote diverse leadership for a sustainable fututre as a Senior Fellow of the Environmental Leadership Program.

Monkton Maple SyrupingIn May of 2013 I moved back to Vermont.  I continued to support the Growing Center from afar as the website maintainer and social media communicator.  I also worked with the Lewis Creek Association to improve their web presence and communicate via electronic newsletters.  As Director of the Lake Champlain Waldorf School’s Extended Day Programming,  I found great satisfaction in facilitating stimulating hands-on experiential learning opportunities and play for the students I served.

Rigoberto CarrotsAs an educator, I strive to provide structure and rhythm that has the flexibility to evolve with student-driven discovery and inquiry. My time and attention is focused on individuals while maintaining an awareness of the whole group – it’s energy level, location, safety, and engagement.  I work with students where they are, and strive to use their interests to identify and highlight areas we can work on together.  Capitalizing on individual’s strengths allows me to identify what contributions they might make to the group.


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